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Step By Step Guide To Build Your First Storey House Plan:

There are many approaches and step-by-step guides to build your first-story house plan project. Over the years and even now, so many people have started a house plan project without knowing the stages involved in completing a house plan building project.

I came across a client who confidently informed me about his challenges in completing his house plan-building project and as a result, he was forced to abandon the project.

I felt very bad about it after much was said and done I guided him on what he needed to do when starting his new House plan Project. Today my advice paid him off and he has completed his new apartment without much cost.

I will be introducing you to a step-by-step approach to how you can optimize your house plan-building projects without spending too much to complete. The first i will like you to take note of is the planning stage.

house planThe Planning Stage:

At this stage, many people do not border about planning simply because of one reason or the other.

At the end they end up planning to fail. For you to properly optimize your house plan project.

You must understands what your budgets is all about. if your budget is a lump sum, i mean if you have set aside a specific amount for the project.

You might need to Schedule how the money will be spent on each phase of the project, how long the project will take to finish and what are the challenges you are likely to come across.

If you depend on salary or external source to fund your house plan project. You should also be careful and follow practical approach which i will explain later to ensure you do not spend out of budget.

if you are not conversant or too busy to do the planning yourself you can Engage Us or any practical civil engineer  in house plan market to assist you for free.

Who To Engage:

The problems of who to engage really bore down to the client decision. Many clients make the mistake of engaging quacks not because they are not aware but because they feel they can easily manipulate them to achieve their objectives at a very reduce rate.

One thing is very clear you will end up spending more when you patronize quacks both in the short run and in the long run.

house design planWhen you finally make the decision to build your first storey house plan. The first thing i will advice you to do is to engage a professional architect to help you plan how every position of the building will function.

This way you will not have any reason to start making amendments during construction stages. Looking for professional architects? get one here!

The next thing …

i will like you to consider is to engage a practical civil engineer or builder during the construction stages. Make no mistake about it, engaging a quack will make you end up spending more than your proposed budget plan.

The reason is simple they have no explicit knowledge on how they can economically manage construction materials to still give you quality result.

If they try to reduced materials, they will end up creating artificial maintenance problem which will start manifesting during or after the construction stage.

That means you might end up running huge amount of money that would have being enough to engage a professional to get it right from the foundation stage. The result of poor construction work  can equally leads to building collapse or large deformation of structural members.

Site Preparation Works:

Site preparation a very sensitive stage of all, care must be taken to ensure that what needs to be done is adequately taken care of. If not you will end up repeating one thing several times and this will lead to double spending on a particular activity.

If the whole job is given as a contract due to tight schedule, the engineering firm should be able to manage the site preparation works effectively, but if you consider managing it yourself in a bid to reduce cost, make sure provision is properly made for a store house, ensure to make available facilities for water and make procurement for some site materials like wheel barrow, shovels,water tank and head pans.

Try as much as possible not to place sand, blocks or chip-pens in an area where the house plan will be positioned.

Making Provisions For Materials:

At this stage of how to build your first storey house plan. it make sense to take to take proper care at this stage if you really want to make significant reduction in cost of procurement of construction materials.

Enquirer from your engineer or builder the quantity of materials to execute the project. if you want to get accurate measurement you can seek for the services of a quantity surveyor to help you with the actual quantity of materials that will be needed for the construction of your first storey house plan.

construction materialsAlways try to purchase materials in bulk instead of buying them in smaller parts. Where applicable purchase materials directly from manufacturer or wholesales dealers instead of buying from a retail outlets. To know more about prices of different construction materials check here or  click here to see price list of different building materials.

The quantity of materials supplied should always be monitored to ensure is the exact quantity of materials that is being purchased.

if you are very good with your engineer they can assist you greatly at this stage to help in reducing cost and ensuring that the right volume of material is delivered at the site.

The next thing i will like to talk about is knowing the different stages involved in house plan projects but for lack of not taking much of your time i will be discussing it in my subsequent article titled challenges and stages in house plan projects.

I hope i have being able to put smile on someone face, please i will be happy if others fellows professional can share their thought to expatiate more for others to learn. If you have any question feel free to drop your comment below, some one will always be available to help respond to your comments.

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