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Challenges And Stages Involve In House Plan Projects.

house planHello Friends, last time issues about the Step By Step Guide To Build Your First Storey House Plan was discussed to a logical point though not a conclusion. If you will like to make reference to it. Please use this link to visit page.

Right now my concentration will be on the Challenges And Stages Involve In House Plan Projects. You will agree with me that building or developing your house plan is not a day project work, it begins with proper planning to take off.

Outside the planning stages there are other challenges that you might come across with your house plan project as you progress along the line. it is very important you know the stages associated with construction of a house plan projects. The first stage i will like to mention is the —

Site Investigation Stage :

This is the stage where you will invite the engineer or the builder to the site for the first time. it is also a period for proper investigation by your engineers. One important challenge the engineers face at this stage is that if  investigation is not properly done they may end up positioning your house plan where will not be suitable for you.

Note : it will not be a bad idea if you provide adequate information that will help the engineer to give you his best. Checks for indications like direction of sun, access to road, and others important indicators that will enable you determine the right position of your house plan. The second stage is the —

Setting Out Stage :

This simply means the process where the engineer transfer the paper information of the house plan to the actual plot of land or a situation where the engineer or builder try to plot exactly all the information on your house plan on the actual size of land.

If the site investigation is properly done this process becomes very easy for the engineer because he or she must have taken note of the size of the land compare to the actual size of the building.

Apart from the fact that most young and non practical engineers and builders can not carry out sitting out activity very well. They are still faced with the problem of adjusting the house plan to fit to the actual land space especially with cases having small area of land space to work with.

One important thing you must do as a house plan owner is to try as much as possible to be present during the sitting out stage. Make sure you check for space for provision of soak-away and ensure that the provision for car park space is enough before the excavation process begins.

Advice the engineer where possible not to start the excavation work until you  confirm that you have space for provision of car parks and a security outlet if need be.

Remember you are the one to stay in the apartment, so if it is wrongly position it means you have to manage it that way or start the process all over which might not be too good for you.

For the young engineers try as much as possible to make reasonable observations and calculations before the actual setting out date so that you won’t embarrass yourself in present of  your clients and workers. if you need detailed explanation on how to carry out setting activities please do contact me i am always here to help.

excavation workThe Excavation Stage:

The process of excavation starts immediately the setting out process has been completed. This process involves digging of the foundation layers to the required depth which may varies depending on the nature of the house plan under consideration.

There are two stages involved in this process. The first is the excavation of foundation trench and the second is the excavation of column base for houses that are more than one storey building.

One of the challenges associated with this is payment of laborers. Care must be taken to make adequate provision for fund to be able to pay workers when they are through with excavation work. Most clients and engineers always keeps worker’s money till the next day. This is a very bad practice and highly condemn able. It can lead to destruction of site properties or serious demonstration by worker’s that can distort the flow and arrangement of work plan.

Leveling And Blinding Of Foundation Trench:

The leveling and blinding of foundation trench comes immediately the completion of excavation works. The level aspect of the job needs proper attention by the site engineer to ensure that all the point on the ground has the same level.

if this is not done properly you will have an undulating block work which can result in cracking of block walls. In areas where the slope difference is very high the engineer can use different methods when taking leveling. You can always find out what needs to be done from your engineers or feel free to contact me.

I will be glad to assist you in solving the issue where applicable. Remember during placement of concrete the mix ratio should be such that it will be good enough to withstand differential settlement in other to avoid cracking. To know more about concrete mix ratio click here.

Care should also be taken to ensure that the thickness criteria for blinding work is adhere to. Visit page to know more about different thickness for concrete blinding work.

This is not all you will need to know as a newbie in house plan development. I will be discussing the remaining stage by stage in my next article. If you have any question please feel free to drop your comment. if you have any pressing issue regarding your house plan or you want to more about practical aspect of the stages involved in the construction of house plan projects, please share your thought with us we are here to help. Have a wonderful time.


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