Gorgeous 4-bedroom Nigeria house design

Do you want to purchase a 4-bedroom apartment with good size rooms space, kitchen space and sitting room space? stay alone with me has I walk you through all you need to know about this gorgeous 4-bedroom house design concepts.

As you enter through the main gate, the first thing you notice is a big sit out space located by the left-hand side of the apartment. The sit out is the major entrance point to this 4-bedroom apartment; the visitor toilet is located at one end of the sit out space.

At the sit out area you have a door that connects to the ante room where you can attend to visitor that you don’t really need to receive at the main lounge. The ante room has a sliding door that connect you to the main lounge, from the main lounge you can either access the big dining area or the major lobby area that connects you to all the 4 bedrooms and the kitchen area.

The kitchen has a door connection from the dinning, a store house and a sit out for others utility activities. The main lounge and all other rooms are very sizeable, all the rooms in this house design apartment have their own toilet and bathroom with a working closet that serve as a wardrobe.

This gorgeous 4-bedroom house plan is very suitable for a land size above one plot of land measuring 50 x 100ft, if this is your choice of house plan, please consider having enough land space for this house design concepts. you can also request for free minor internal modification.


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