Comfortable 3-bedroom house design concepts

welcome to house plan market. if you are looking for a 3-bedroom house plan that will meet your needs, please read through the overview, this might be exactly the kind of house plan you are looking for.

This comfortable 3-bedroom house plan is design with you in mind, as you approach the front of the building, you can either access the apartment through the main lounge entrance door or you access it through the mini lounge access door area located by the right side of the building.

The main lounge and the mini lounge have a separate sit out area where you can receive distant quest, also at the main lounge you have the dining area located towards the front end.

From the main lounge you can access a lobby that connects you to the mini lounge or to the rest of the 3 bedrooms and the kitchen area. The kitchen area is very spacious and has a sit out attached to it.

All the rooms are bigger than standard bedroom size measuring 12 x 12ft and has their separate toilet and bathrooms including a closet for wardrobe.

This 3-bedroom house design concepts is suitable for one plot of land and above if your plot is less than a rectangular of 50 x 100ft, please this house design plan might not be the best for your plot. you can also request for a modification plan.


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