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Modern one-bedroom semi-detached house plan

Looking for a Modern one-bedroom semi-detached house plan? this unique house plan design idea is suitable for personal use, or commercial purpose or it can be used for service apartments. we have it has a single one bedroom apartment, or a semi- detached one bedroom apartment or block of one bedroom apartment flats.

As you approach the entrance foyer, your first point of contact is the main lounge door, which is directly connected to the dinning hall through an open hall connection., the kitchen is a see through hall  from the dinning area. you can easily access a lobby from the main lounge to the bedroom lobby area to access the bedroom and from the first lobby you can easily access the guest toilet.

At the bedroom area, you have a closet which has a link door to the bedroom toilet, the bedroom and the toilet is very spacious, bigger than standard bedroom and toilet size and .you can easily access the kitchen from the bedroom lobby…

The kitchen is an open hall, it has no store attached to it, but it has a verandah  where you can relax to carry out others kitchen activities during the day.. if you need a unique one bedroom apartment, this modern one bedroom apartment design will be the best option for you. let me know if you will like  to purchase  the complete pdf house plan set.

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