A stunning outside and inside, and exceptional structure that makes clients return. A hotel that is ideal for an end of the week escape. An amazing current hotel that you will doubtlessly adore.

The hotel has a cutting edge and contemporary need, similarly as fit into the tropical vibe. Present day style outside arrangement, an ideal, current outside, and in the current style, contemporary-arranged goods. A hotel that is light and windy and equipped with plans that is equivalent to a home.

This hotel is arranged with contemporary, midcentury present-day impacts at the highest point, yet with an open, vaporous outside which centers around the site and the superb tropical garden.Visual expansion of the space in the design of the hotel by introducing elements of nature was a decisive factor in developing the best exterior design of a modern hotel from Luxury Antonovich Design.

The use of natural materials in the exterior decoration in this hotel,-wood, stone, glass — and the abundance of greenery allows minimizing the pressure of civilization on guests. Thanks to the vibrant colors, the wooden lining of the walls and the floor, and decorations made of natural stone, a feeling of comfort, calmness and unity with nature is created.

The arrangement of terraces with access directly from the room is important, as well as smooth covered walkways from the street inside the hotel rooms. In country park hotels our company builds cottages in a forested area, and the rooms are combined with large verandas immersed in greenery. The area around the house is a great place to experiment in the field of landscape design.


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